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by Eleanor Estes

Category: Literature and Fiction
Subcategory: Children
Author: Eleanor Estes
ISBN: 0370109961
ISBN13: 978-0370109961
Language: English
Publisher: Bodley Head; New Impression edition (1975)
Pages: 272
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Eleanor Estes (1906-1988) grew up in West Haven, Connecticut, which she renamed Cranbury for her classic .

Eleanor Estes (1906-1988) grew up in West Haven, Connecticut, which she renamed Cranbury for her classic stories about the Moffat and Pye families. A children’s librarian for many years, she launched her writing career with the publication of The Moffats in 1941. Two of her outstanding books about the Moffats-Rufus M. and The Middle Moffat-were awarded Newbery Honors, as was her short novel The Hundred Dresses. She won the Newbery Medal for Ginger Pye. Библиографические данные.

Eleanor Estes (May 9, 1906 – July 15, 1988) was an American children's author and a children's librarian. Her book, Ginger Pye, which she also created illustrations for, won the Newbery Medal. Three of her books were Newbery Honor Winners,. Three of her books were Newbery Honor Winners, and one was awarded the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award. Estes' books were based on her life in small town Connecticut in the early 1900s.

Eleanor Estes is so good at writing children: their earnest approach to life, their strange convictions acquired who knows how and tenaciously adhered to, their enthusiasms, their disappointments.

You've never met anyone quite like Rufus Moffat. He gets things done, but. Eleanor Estes is so good at writing children: their earnest approach to life, their strange convictions acquired who knows how and tenaciously adhered to, their enthusiasms, their disappointments. She gets siblings too-the people you keep secrets both from and with, and for whom you'd do most anything but be polite. She even I saw Little Sister had brought this home from the library, was like, "MY CHILDHOOD," and spent a happy afternoon rereading. It's sweet, wholesome, and /funny/.

Eyes in the Pipes "Something must be done about the sewers," said the Town Improvement Association. they cried, and they did not stop campaigning until the town finally decreed that new sewers must be dug and that new drains must be made. Therefore one day men with pickaxes and shovels moved up and down the streets, digging deep, trenchlike ditches and lining the sides of the streets with big, round, dark red clay pipes

Rufus M. - Eleanor Estes. Illustrated by Louis Slobodkin. Rufus thought that it was not hard to get a book out of the library.

Rufus M. All you did was go in, look for a book that you liked, give it to the lady to punch, and come home with it. He knew where the library was, for he had often gone there with Jane and some of the others.

You ve never met anyone quite like Rufus Moffat. He gets things done, but he gets them done his way. Rufus isn t just the youngest Moffat, he s also the cleverest

You ve never met anyone quite like Rufus Moffat. You've never met anyone quite like Rufus Moffat. even though he doesn't yet know how to read. despite his digging them up every day to check on them.

Электронная книга "Rufus ., Eleanor Estes When he wants to check out library books, Rufus teaches himself to write., Eleanor Estes. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Rufus . для чтения в офлайн-режиме. And Rufus has friends that other people don't even know exist!

Rufus M. by. Eleanor Estes. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. The further adventures of the Moffat family in which seven-year-old Rufus attempts to rescue the family from financial distress. Sequel to ""The Middle Moffat.
Comments to eBook Rufus M.
Rufus Moffat has been a part of me for going on 50 years. It's impossible to say just how greatly this book influenced my perceptions, reading, writing, play or work ethics, but Rufus undisputedly had a positive effect on them all.

I recently purchased this and the other Moffat books for my granddaughter, and when I began reading them to her, I was transported once again to another time...or two...it certainly brought back childhood memories, and, once again, I was swept into the reality of the US home front during World War II. And my granddaughter, born at the turn of the 21st century, was just as captivated by Rufus Moffat as I, born as history was drawing that chapter to a close.

It is probably a host of other protocols which fascinates my granddaughter rather than the ones which grabbed me as a child. She lives in a world where children seldom move about unsupervised in their neighborhoods, and the freedom which Rufus takes for granted is something she can only imagine. Yet there are enough similarities between her life and that of the Moffats to make the story engaging and believable. For instance, my granddaughter's parents repair antique pianos and often install Playmations in them, so the chapter, "The Invisible Piano Player" really amused her on a personal level. And her mother raises a garden every summer, so she knew firsthand about planting beans and then digging them up again to see if they had sprouted.

Some things span across time, regardless of whether they seem archaic. Kids need a window on other eras, other lifestyles, other socioeconomic strata. This book is a good bridge to some of those things.

It's warm. It's funny. It's full of human failings, triumphs, frustrations, joys, selfless acts, solid family values and good, old-fashioned imagination.

I highly recommend Rufus Moffat!
This is the touching and delightful story of Rufus M., the youngest Moffat. The setting is in the town of Cranbury which mirrors the real town of West Haven, Connecticut, where the author grew up. The time period is towards the end of World War II, during the Great Depression. Even though Rufus is only a third grader, he finds ways to contribute to the family income. He is an entertaining character that touches the lives of many of the towns' character. Rufus often lives in an imaginary world of the his own. Rufus considers himself the smartest of the four Moffat children. He has a knack for landing himself in the most humorous situations. You will laugh out loud at his antics, and pull for this underdog with a big heart, big dreams, and big way of bringing laughter to all around him.
I just finished reading this book to my 7 year old and 5 year old. We were absolutely enchanted by this book. It is our favorite of Estes's books so far. I found it to be so hilariously funny in spots that I had to stop reading because I was laughing so hard. Estes knows somehow knows how to perfectly capture the mind of a child all the while keeping the book interesting for adults by using larger vocabulary and sentences then most children's books. We find ourselves talking about Rufus a lot now that the book is done. "Remember when Rufus had the cardboard boy on his bike? Remember when Rufus wanted to be a ventriloquist?. The list goes on. I am so glad that we found this book it was such a bonding experience for us to read together.
My earliest recollections of reading are when I got my first library card in grade school many, many, did I say many?, years ago. The books that stand out as my first are The Moffat series by Eleanor Estes. To this day I can remember reading about the Moffat family, especially young Rufus. Perhaps I identified with him. I love the drawings in the book and the stories. They are full of family fun and values. I just bought these for my new step-children (getting married Mar 30/10) for them to get the enjoyment that I remember. An excellent value and free shipping if you purchase all 4. I actually received one free because I purchased 4. Worked for me. Enjoy!!! Perhaps they are what inspired me to become an author myself.
I liked this book because it had a lot of adventure in it. That is who I would recommend this book to, people who like adventure. Another reason why I liked this book is because many different sequences of adventure. There is one thing that I would watch out for in this book that is that once you read the first chapter you will be sucked into this book. I recommend this book for all ages. If you ever have this book as a choice pick it. So far I have read 2 books in this series and I got sucked into them both. Can not wait for the next book that I will be reading in the series!!! Choose this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
A wonderful read aloud book for elementary age kids!
love it
This is a great book. I would recommend this book to grownups and kids. I loved this book. Read it!
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