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by Betsy Byars

Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
Subcategory: Children
Author: Betsy Byars
ISBN: 1850899630
ISBN13: 978-1850899631
Language: English
Publisher: Imprint unknown; Large Print edition edition (March 1989)
Pages: 142
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Comments to eBook Summer of the Swans
This Newbery-Medal winner is a wonderful book about 14-year-old Sara, her older sister Wanda, their Aunt Willie who takes care of them, and their 10-year-old brother Charlie, who was mentally impaired by life-threatening illnesses at the age of three. Sara, in particular, is very protective of Charlie, especially against school kids who make fun of him. She turned a water hose on a girl who called Charlie a "retard," and won't speak to her schoolmate Joe, who she thinks stole Charlie's beloved watch.

The whole story is told in a very short time frame, maybe two full days. After Sara takes Charlie to see swans which are living on a nearby pond, Charlie wakes up in the middle of the night and wanders off. Nobody can find him. Sara, with the help of her best friend Mary, the help of Joe, and the help of the townspeople, finds Charlie. In the process of doing so, Sara learns to not make hasty judgements or accusations: a big step in the process of growing up.

A short, realistic, well-told story.
This is a very good book. I like it because it's an easy read, the characters are developed well, and the story line is fantastic. I like how it was fictional but it had realistic circumstances, like things that could actually happen. Sara was a very realistic character, she was like your average teen, self conscious even though she is pretty, cares for others, normal stuff. I would recommend this book to other kids my age, it's perfect for my age section. I like the little bit at the end where Joe Melby asked Sara to the party, it added the little bit of love interest that the book needed. I enjoyed reading this.
Good story line but it ended a bit abruptly. Theme was strong family ties and growing up. My boys enjoyed it
This book was really good because some of the parts were funny and some of the parts were sad so there was a balance in happiness and sadness so I recommend reading this book because if you like a balanced book you should read this book. Also go check out some of her other book they are very balanced as well. Would rate this book 5 stare because it has all the 5 things that a book need to be a good book. If are wondering how i know this it is because I have read a lot of Betsy Byars books and I can guarantee you will enjoy them a lot. Thank you for reading my review. I am so grateful and if you read the books I recommend you will she what I mean. Thanks again and I hope you read you read this book!!!!????????????????????????
I believe adolescents, especially children from a non-typical family, can identify with these characters. The main character feels better about herself because she cares about her younger brother. She also shows growth in her relationship with a classmate. She moves from detesting him to finding him to be a true friend. She admits her first impression of him was wrong. This is a great lesson for young people.
My father bought me the tapes as a kid. I never got tired of listening to the story when I was too young to read. Now my daughter is enjoying this book also. I can still hear the voices and sounds from the tapes while I listen to her read. Even though she knows the correct terms, I still cringe when I hear retard/ed.. I hope she loves this book as much as I alway
Great book i love it
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