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by Maxie Chambliss,Joanna Cole

Category: Growing Up and Facts of Life
Subcategory: Children
Author: Maxie Chambliss,Joanna Cole
ISBN: 0688145086
ISBN13: 978-0688145088
Language: English
Publisher: William Morrow & Co (April 1, 1997)
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On the last page of each book, Cole offers sound, cogent advice to parents on guiding and reassuring children with a new baby in the family.

On the last page of each book, Cole offers sound, cogent advice to parents on guiding and reassuring children with a new baby in the family. Consider multiple copies of these useful and appealing books.

3 year old kid reading " I'm a Big Brother " by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Maxie Chambliss.

Maxie Chambliss is the author of Uc Who Builds This House? . I'm a Big Sister by. Joanna Cole, Maxie Chambliss.

I'm a Big Brother by.

I& a Big Brother, Cole Joanna. Варианты приобретения . Описание: Joanna Cole’s sensible, reassuring guide to sex and growing up revised with the most up-to-date information.

Maxie Chambliss, Joanna Cole. Place of Publication. Big Little Books Hardback Antiquarian & Collectable Books. 2000s Hardback Non-Fiction Books. Hardbacks 2000-2010 Publication Year.

Joanna Cole I'm a Big Brother. Maxie Chambliss (illustrator). Seller Inventory M0688145078. More information about this seller Contact this seller. ISBN 13: 9780688145071. Joanna Cole is the author of the popular Magic School Bus series, I'm a Big Brother, I'm a Big Sister, and many other award-winning books. In Asking About Sex & Growing Up, she provides a reassuring blend of practical guidance and scientific fact for the audience that needs it most. From School Library Journal: PreSchool-Grade 2. The texts in these two books are identical, with the exception of the gender terms.

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A child eagerly welcomes home his new baby brother. no page numbers in the book.

Cole, Joanna; Chambliss, Maxie, ill. Publication date. A child eagerly welcomes home his new baby brother.

Maxie Chambliss has illustrated several of Joanna Cole's books, including My Big Girl Potty, My Big Boy Potty, I'm .

Maxie Chambliss has illustrated several of Joanna Cole's books, including My Big Girl Potty, My Big Boy Potty, I'm a Big Sister, and I'm a Big Brother.

I'm a Big Sister Hardcover – January 2010 by Joanna Cole (Author), Rosalinda Kightley (Illustrator) "Someone new is at our house," begins this loving, reassuring look at sisterhood from trusted aut. I'm a big sister book

A child eagerly welcomes home his new baby brother.
Comments to eBook I'm a Big Brother
Ƀ⁞₳⁞Ð Ƀ⁞Ǿ⁞Ɏ
We got pretty much every big sibling prep book out there and this was the one. It was just perfect for my son at ages 1.5-3, during pregnancy and the new baby phase. It does a really nice job of being very simple and easy for a young toddler to follow, but also teaching them that (1) a new baby is coming; (2) this is really cool, because they will be a big brother (or sister, if you get the sister book); (3) your parents still love you just as much; and (4) it's cool to be the big sibling because there are some things you get to do that a baby can't do.

It's obviously possible that our transition to sibling hood would have been just as smooth without this book, but we have had the easiest and best time with it even now that my children are 2.5 and 4.5 years old, and I really feel that it was at least in part due to how this book introduced and prepared my oldest for the idea of being a big brother! When reading this book I used my son's first name ("Someone is new at Matthew's house!") as well as the first name of his sister-to-be ("It's Baby Claire! Matthew is a Big Brother now!"). My kids are, knock on wood, best friends and have been since birth. Well - it was a tiny bit rough the very first week, until my husband kicked me and my son out and made us go get ice cream on our own. I recommend doing that too :)
I found this book to be very helpful for introducing the concept of a new baby to my son. He will only be 23 months old when our daughter is born, so I was having a difficult time finding books that catered to his age group. When I first started searching a lot of the books I found were heavy in dialogue and a little too mature for him. This one seems to fit the bill just right with fun illustrations and a very 'to the point' script. He enjoys pointing out different objects in the illustrations that he is already familiar with (like certain toys and activities the older brother is playing with or doing). And now, he loves to find the baby and the big brother on each page.

I would definitely recommend this book for a younger child who is soon to be a big brother.
This is a precious book for my toddler to learn about what it will be like in the house with a new baby. He is only 18 mo and will be 20 mo when his little brother is born, so I wanted to find a good way to introduce the idea ahead of time. The text is simple and not too long, but would still be appropriate for 3-4 year olds,in my opinion. The baby in the book is fairly gender neutral, which makes it applicable for all big brothers' needs. There's a nice reassuring page that says "mommy loves me, daddy loves me, I am special to them. I'm the only me in the whole world." I like that the focus is on reassuring that the new baby is not a replacement. The tips for parents page at the back of the book also offers good advice.
Our 2 yo. loves to have this book read to him before he goes to bed. He wants "puppy" and "baby book." This one is the "baby book" and now he goes around the house saying, "I'm a big brother." We where especially impressed that the book teaches our son about what he can do, how he needs to ask, and how he can help with the baby. It also explains in a kind way that babies are too little to eat pizza and ice cream.
We have been searching for a developmentally appropriate book to introduce our two year old son to the idea that we will be bringing home a new baby soon. We have been tremendously pleased with this book.

The illustrations are colorful and sweet. The sentences are short and easy for a two year old to understand.

What we like most about this book is the fact that it sheds positive light on getting a sibling. It highlights all the wonderful things that a "big kid" can do that a new baby can't such as eat "pizza and apples and ice cream" and play. Another facet of the book that we enjoy is that it mentions that one should "ask Mommy" before holding the baby. We appreciated that safety-oriented tidbit. It also ends with the mention that "I'm the only me in the whole world" and that is what makes me special to Mommy and Daddy. Quite a bit of thinking went into this little book to help foster self-confidence and good feelings in the older sibling.

Need fact or science-based info on pregnancy, labor and delivery for your child? It isn't in this book. Want to introduce breastfeeding to your child? Not here either. The baby gets bottle fed.

The only time my toddler seems to grasp the concept that our family is getting bigger is when we talk about it after reading this book. He requests that we read it to him at bedtime. We intend on using other copies as shower gifts for our friends.
We started reading this to our grandson a couple of months before his baby sister was born. I got him a boy baby doll, too. Both helped him prepare for "Sis". He was 16 mos when Sis was born. He is gentle and pats her and says Sis ( he can't say Savannah). This isn't a review for the doll, but we put girl baby clothes on the doll and he calls the doll Sis, too. LOL

It's amazing how young toddlers can comprehend simple well written books like this. Also love board books!
My son was only 22 months when he was promoted to big brother status and we got this book for him before his "baby sissy" arrived. He really didn't grasp the concept of being a big brother until after she arrived and now he REALLY enjoys this book. He likes when the book mentions the things that the baby can't do, but he can (like eat "apples and pizza and ice cream"). I really like that it continues to express how special the big brother is to the baby and mom and dad. The only thing I wish was different about this book (and I think I read other reviewers say the same thing) is that it talks about giving the baby a bottle and that the big brother can help with this. Some mothers choose to breastfeed and this was a confusing point in the book for my son, but when the baby gets older and hopefully starts taking occasional bottles, I'm sure he will understand this part of the book more so. Overall, we really like this book and he asks to read it about once a week (and baby is now 7 months old).
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